"Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way for you to get free product and make money?"

Introducing Get2Paid4You Scheme

Let's break down into details how you are going to make some cash.

Click on the video below.

Singapore is one to the strictest countries to approve health products to be consumed or applied, This ensures that they are safe, good quality and efficacious.

Click here to download our certificates showing which of our products approved by HSA

Jeunesse® featured in many foreign magazines!

Prevention Magazine, P.114; "Your Skin, Now Better"
In March 2014, Wendy Lewis made the direct selling news' list of"Most Influential Women In Direct Selling" for the second year in a row
NipTuck Magazine, "Will I Age Like My Mother?"
Queensland Times, P.14 "The Future Of Skin Care Is Now Available"
Vogue; "Forever Young, Stem cells"
"Shape Magazine; Your Skin, A to Z"

Too many to publish here! visit jeunesseglobal.com/media.aspx

No Gimmicks

You help us to sell our products, of course we will help you in every ways to succeed.

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Let's watch some of our amazing events

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Macao, China

Las Vegas

Thailand, EXPO

I believe most of you by now have a rough idea how amazing our products and the earning system, but, I am sure you are gonna ask me,

"How am I going to sell the products? I don't have many friends and relatives, I don't have a retail shop."

Here is the secret.

We do not believe in selling products through friends or relatives, or even door to door and telemarketing. 

Once you sign up the membership, you are consider a distributor. You will be given a plaform/website of your own to access and start selling to over 84+ countries worldwide. 

Next, We will give you our access such as group chat, facebook group, video, PDF, webinar, or even email me, to guide you step by step how you are going to attract customers to buy your products, such as internet marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, setting up your own blog or website, etc etc etc, FOR FREE.

Here are some of the screenshots taken from my personal mobile phone of our group chat and facebook group after you signed up.



Now, your next question is

"Why are you teaching us internet marketing for free?"

By attending a 3 days internet marketing workshop can easily cost you at least a thousand bucks, or more. Even those monthly subscription from those internet gurus can cost you more than 100 bucks per month.

Sound crazy?

Google it yourself.

So why are we teaching you for free?


I believe you have watched the videos above and understand that we have 6 different streams of income we can make, whatever sales you have, you earn, whatever your downline sold any products, you earn.

Whatever you sell any products, we earn.

The more skills we teach you, the better sales you have, the more we earn. These skills will pass down to your downlines and this will become a "Snowball Effect".

We will be working as a team.

So does it make sense we should feed you with information and skill as much as we could to bring up your sales? Simple enough?


Watch this video

She has no english background, no internet marketing experience, listen to her how she manage to earn million dollar from our product.

Watch it for yourself, recorded from a live event.  (Don't worry, there is a translator to translate english for her)

Don't wait anymore!

Be our distributor right now!

If you are staying in Singapore, We have addition bonuses for you.

Free workshop and training conducted every week by our top earners, sharing their valuable knowledge and business strategies on how to get more traffic to your website, guiding you new skills and giving refresher courses to increase your sales.

If you still hesitated to sign up now as a distributor, we have a preview on the coming week, we will show you how to take advantage of the E-commence to make money.

Please register fast as we will stop accepting after 120 guests due to limited seats.

(Singapore only!!!)



Signup as a distributor NOW! (Worldwide)


Have Questions?
 Our Delicated Team and I are  standing By To Help

"Here’s the deal. I’m here to serve you. I’m your biggest advisor here Jeunesse®. I can take care of anything you need from answering questions to selling of products. Whatever you need, I can help. Reach out to me and let’s talk."

Email: elson@liveupmagazine.com

Skype: elson.wong@live.com.sg

Mobile: 93882029 (In Singapore ONLY, please indicate that you found me here in this website. SMS only)



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